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Open Grey Label MT4

grey label mt4

What is Open Grey Label?

Open Grey label is a type of franchise of Forex Label for those who want to start

their Brokerage Business with small online Forex Trading. It is a more cost-

efficient method of launching a new Trading Business. It is a great platform for

those who want to start their business by investing minor amounts, so they can use

various software’slike MT4, Web Trader. It is a good substitute in addition to the

White Label solution as it is more reasonable and easy to setup.Connecting your

Grey Label Forex platform to Liquidity providers is simple to several levels.


Liquidity provider connection is a very simple process with Grey Label solution

even despite the fact it appears very complex. Forex Grey Label offers the most

favorable range of solutions to set up a trading business and lend a hand in

expanding it.An Open Grey Label is an appropriate name as it toes the line

between an Introducing Broker connection and an MT4 or MT5 White Label. A

Grey Label associate has better control over customization and the client

relationship than Introducing Broker. An Open Grey Label is a non- branded

account of the MT4 platform. Grey Label platform is also known as Generic White

Label that is low-cost software and it works precisely like the main server with all

the assistants of handling the client reading requirement.


Characteristics of Open Grey Label

1. Cheapest Forex Brokerage: Open Grey Label cost considerably varies

through different service providers. It depends on different kinds of add on

tools and services like Liquidity, Affiliate Modules, PAMM, etc. Depending

upon what type of tools and services are opted for.


2. Fastest Forex Startup: Open Grey Label helps with the easy accessibility to

start a business with MT4 or MT5. For those who want to start their business

then they have to pay the fees in advance if they choose MT4 or MT5 White

Label. The provider will initiate the application with all valid details.


3. Franchise of The White Label Broker: It is a platform of a White Label

Forex where one can run their business under the brand name of the main



4. Co-Branded Forex: Open Grey Label provides the liberty to use their brand

name on their website to those who want to start their business under Open

Grey Label. They can use their preferred logo anywhere like on their

websites, Traders Room, Banners, and all other modes of marketing.


Some of the Forex Grey Label Technologies


1. PAMM: Percentage Allocation Master Module (PAMM) is a technology that

the client followsthe trading strategy of another client. Itis beneficial for the

followers as well as masters because they can benefit from Forex Trading

without having much knowledge and can trade funds many times larger than

their capital. It protects from non-trading risks.


2. Forex Websites: This website is a virtual office that creates websites in a

professional, and advanced manner.


3. Traders Room:It helps in managing clients onboarding, charges set, and

brokerage, etc.