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MT4 Grey Label

We are the leading provider for Forex Grey Label

Start your own Forex broker in 5 Days with our MT4 Grey Label Turnkey Solutions.

Kick start your forex journey in the most inexpensive manner.

MT4 Forex Grey Label Solutions

The most affordable and cost-effective solution for those looking to launch their own forex brokerage firm is the Forex Grey Label Solution. Most people are either uncertain about the success of their new forex brokerage business or are short of funds or possibly both! They want to test their business model, which is a sensible choice, we must admit, by making a small investment.

Grey Label services, also called co-branded forex brokerage solutions and sub-broker forex solutions, are typically provided by a  Forex MT4 White Label Holder. Technically, Forex Gray Label is nothing but an Introducing Broker’s account that uses White Label’s Brand, and reputation and operates under the umbrella of the White Label.

MT4 Grey Label Turnkey Solutions

Our Forex MT4 Grey Label Solution comes packed with several tools along with following key features:

A wide range of Plugins to support your business

MT5 Manager API

Our CRM helps you to monitor customer onboarding, brokerage and charge settings, leverage settings, etc.

Bonus Plugin

You also get a simple solution for onboarding and handling n number of URs and affiliates.

Trade copier Integration

This plugin lets you connect multiple Meta Trader accounts and copy trades from one account to another.


PAMM account money managers can run multiple accounts on a single platform. This makes their lives simpler and makes them more successful.

MAMM/ Copy Trading Plugin

Through this, the star traders can trade with others and handle their funds. You may define the limits and conditions under which the trades will be copied and executed.

Virtual Dealer Plugin

With this plugin, you can pause the execution of orders by selecting traders to get slippage from them. Forex brokers are permitted to make money on slippage.

Why Brokers Choose Us

Quick & Easy Setup

Full Control & Ownership with Client

Lowest Pricing in the Market

Tailor-made Solutions


24*6 Dedicated Client Support Team

Scalable to Grow with your Business

Independent liquidity & B-Book Operations

More about MT4 Grey Label

While it is entirely in the interest of White Label License Holders to decide whether to permit A or B Book or hybrid structures as offerings or not, the majority of White Label  Offer Opportunities to Clients so that they can Grow their client Base and Brand Visibility in Different Regions. Grey Label Clients can use this Opportunity for a Reasonable & legit Business.

Please be aware that Grey Label Forex Trading Platform is not intended to be used as a scam-making enterprise and should not be misused in that capacity. Instead, we offer a fair business model that allows the Grey Label Manager to develop into a White Label and self-branded firm.

DISCLAIMER: Before deciding on a Forex Grey Label Solution like MT4 Grey Label, you should consult with a lawyer to understand the legal ramifications and determine whether such a business venture is permissible, particularly in the area in where you plan to conduct it.

Grey Label Licenses are not permitted on MetaQuotes, and if any are discovered, they will be immediately terminated without further communication from the White Label providing the rights.


It is usually preferable to choose a Liquidity Solutions package that is also covered by the Forex Grey Label Platform so that the Grey Label Manager may conduct business without worry and with amazing results for the Grey Label Manager. However, it is entirely up to the user if they want to operate on a B-Book basis or a mitigated basis.

Another advantage of Forex Grey Label is that you won’t need to assign a separate desk to handle all of your brokerage and technical needs; instead, our team will be on hand to handle your requirements and give you support. Therefore, you need not worry since we will always be available to help you.

A major drawback of Grey Label Solutions is that its existence is entirely dependent upon the White Label, if for any reason the White Label gets inoperative as a result, the Grey Label ceases to exist.