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Bank Account Opening

Open Forex Bank Account

In today’s atmosphere, opening a forex bank account to permit customer deposits and withdrawals might be quite difficult. Most banks throughout the world have made it a policy not to create corporate accounts for foreign exchange brokers. The reasoning for these policies is straightforward: from the bank’s perspective, it’s an inherently risky industry, and the potential profit from keeping deposits and processing transactions isn’t worth it. From the bank’s standpoint, here’s a more in-depth look:

Offshore banking is the safest option for asset protection.

We help our clients open offshore and international bank accounts in a variety of jurisdictions, while also providing a high degree of safety and anonymity. Choose any of the offshore banks listed below or provide us with your favourite bank for your business, and we will organise everything to get your firm up and running. Our skilled lawyers have the necessary skills to assist you with your banking needs.

All banks offer

Excellent customers services

Reasonable tariffs and charges for banking services

Flexible and secure account management procedures

Online banking facilities


  • Corporate account
    Personal account
  • Visit to Bank Required
  • 2-3 weeks
  • Full Suite of Business Services


  • Corporate account
    Personal account
  • No Visit to Bank Required
  • 1 weeks
  • Full Suite of Business Services

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