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How to open Forex Dabba Account?

Forex Dabba is a new method of trading that is being disputed hugely in the market scenario. Dabba trading is carried outside the view of the market regulator i.e. the record of transactions gets entry only in the books of Dabba traders, not on the exchange. It is also called off-exchange trading. 

In Dabba trading, no written contracts or bills are issued. All the transactions are done and validated by the Dabba operator or trader himself/herself. Here the Dabba trader becomes the end party for an investor and all the problems or further information is transferred to him. Since there is no record of your transaction on the exchange you get to deal only with your money and it benefits you in saving margins. 

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No KYC, no registration, only cash payments are included in Dabba trading. Although a high-risk gain, it has become popular among rich traders who have lots of money to invest. It’s like trading for a commodity at a private exchange where the Dabba operator provides you a terminal and platform. If the customer wins then the money is provided by the operator to him and if he loses then the money is recovered from him by the operator. 

If a client places an order for a transaction based on a certain price point, the operator notes that and then tries to make the actual transaction based on the position of the client at a later date so that he might gain better profits. Since the client has made the transaction at a lower price rate than the actual transaction has been done, the profit is taken by the Dabba operator who also gets his hands on extra margin from the client. All this is done outside the view of the stock-exchange thus enabling the client to be away from cost cuttings. 

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Running in most of the major cities, Dabba traders trade in stocks and commodities on large scale. Commodity trading is carried out on the base pricing of the Commodity Exchange. You can find multiple Dabba operators offering their trading software and platform which maintains complete anonymity. The systems are automated and carry out transactions at a low cost. A Dabba operator keeps himself connected to the market on one end and the other end deals with the user. 

Numerous operators are working as Dabba traders and finding them is not difficult. For opening a forex Dabba account you just have to find a reliable and trustworthy Dabba operator. There are websites and online platforms for doing so. 

Sites like allow you to purchase a Dabba trading software where transactions can be done through a single click by paying the margin money. Rates of gold, silver, oil, and other commodities are shown in real-time as this software is connected to markets through their encrypted system. There is no hassle of calling up the agent or miscommunication, your buy or sell is recorded in software which is available to both you and your operator.