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Open Forex Trader
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We're here to help Forex traders find the best trading conditions on the Forex market. Experience it on your own

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Why Choose Us

We believe in integrating innovative technology with excellent customer service and working tirelessly to meet the needs of modern traders in an ever-changing online world. For this reason, we are doing everything we can to differentiate ourselves from the rest.


Access more than 120 tools to enrich your portfolio


Helpful maps and technical tools to direct your business decisions


Webinars, videos, and live updates on market movers, for our traders

Customer service

24/7 support is available in multiple languages via email, chat, and phone

Why Traders Choose Us

We've helped a lot of people start their forex brokerage firms. With years of experience and solid expertise in forex brokering technology, we have a favorable influence on retail forex trading markets.

Excellent trading conditions

Open Forex Broker Provides the most-ordered trading conditions to fit trading requirements.

Variety of markets covered

We offer Multi-Market Symbols to extend the horizon of your trading skills.

Trading Platforms

Efficient platforms in terms of performance, navigation, speed, and order styles.

What Customers Says About Us

Open Forex brokers have offered unique insight on how to create a fully integrated Forex trading system that is driven by the psychology of the Base-10 number system in our world. It’s incredibly interesting and certainly worth reading for both new and old traders.

Amanda Adams

I’ve already been using this platform for 2 months and can honestly say that it has changed my approach to trading. Previously, I had relied heavily on various combinations of indicators. Gone are indicators and crowded, over-complicated charts and processes, and instead I’m using pure price action now.

Jennifer Robbins

The details on this site are simple, easy, short, and straightforward. They’re strong because they’re working. The tactics give you the framework you need to know what to look for in all pairs. I can now read the market on my own and understand how price responds to key levels of support and resistance.

Hanna Spencer

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