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Auctions Trading Application

Start your own

Auctions Trading Application

Why Us

If you want to have complete leverage of your binary business with an ethical business model that helps you to sustain development and expansion then you must consider collaborating with Open Forex Broker.

Open Forex Broker was established by leading professionals from the multiple financial sectors with vast expertise in formulating and executing high-load network systems. Our collective expertise has helped create a marketplace that is unlike any other in the market for binary options.

As a broker, Open Forex Broker helps you to offer a completely personalized package to your existing and potential consumers. We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction with growth and development in the segment of the binary options. Open Forex Broker will be a perfect choice if you intend to stand out from the crowd and offer a cutting-edge platform.

No Revenue Sharing

You will just have to pay fixed monthly charges for using the platform. No revenue dependency. 

Your Server

You will have your own server. The platform and every data will be placed on your server and you stay in charge.

Project Customization

Personalize the platform according to the brand and specifications all yourself or you may ask for our assistance.

Open Broker Forex - The Platform

Open Forex Broker is a special platform in the binary options market, leveraging modern techniques towards the market modelling, distribution of the framework, and the broker’s leverage over their stock.
Open Forex Broker’s key benefits include no revenue sharing; broker side server hosting; entirely new designs for each broker made to order.

Open Broker Forex - The Developer

Open Forex Broker is an Award-winning Forex Broker company with a team of Forex and binary options industry and other financial market experts.

Versatile API. Customized interface

It is possible to tailor Open Forex Broker to your brand and specifications, including different templates and many other customization options:

Advantages Of Open Forex Broker Platform

No Revenue Sharing

You only pay a fixed monthly fee for the use of the platform after receiving your Open Forex Broker license.

Your Server

With Open Forex Broker, everything takes place on your servers and you stay in charge.

Completely Flexible

It is easy to customize Open Forex Broker to your brand and your specifications.

Responsive API

Open Forex Broker helps you to use new features to incorporate and integrate existing products and services.

Trader Demo Accounts

Open Forex Broker enables you to deliver free trial accounts to consumers.

Compatible With Other Trading Platforms

Open Forex Broker integrates quickly or can be fully independent with common forex trading platforms.

Multiple Mobile Versions

Open Forex Broker also comes in a range of mobile versions.


Open Forex Broker is a web-based application, so there is no need to install any software for your customers.

Mobile Application Features

Open Forex Broker also comes in multiple ranges of smartphone versions:

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