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Forex DMA Liquidity

What is Liquidity in the Forex Market?

We assist Forex brokerages and exchanges in getting access to DMA Liquidity.

Liquidity refers to both streaming costs and business execution or handling of orders. Any time a trader places an order to sell or purchase currency, it is immediately handled by the liquidity provider. This is known as execution, too. So, if we say briefly, the overall role of the liquidity supplier is to make sure that when a trader either buys or sells, the order is filled or executed at the time it was submitted.

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You set your own spreads

There are several ways you can stand out on the fintech market: high quality of service, advanced technologies, or great trading conditions. With crypto and Forex liquidity, you will be able to attract clients with tight spreads.

Unlimited number of instruments

Offer as many instruments for trading as you want: CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, currency, cryptocurrency, metals. This will appeal to a broader audience and diversify trading risks.

Single liquidity flow from multiple sources

Provide high Forex and crypto liquidity to your clients so that every order is met with a matching request.

Uninterrupted liquidity flow

Risks of an interrupted flow are diversified thanks to the simultaneous supply of liquidity from multiple sources.

Our Forex Liquidity Services

We are the Worlds leading Forex liquidity and technology provider

At Open Forex Broker, our goal is to provide reliable liquidity and also enable market participants around the world to access the best rates, regardless of evolving market conditions. As one of the well-known companies in the forex industry among brokers in the world, we have developed a deep liquidity network and invested in our pricing technology. Based on our proven institutional partnerships around the world to provide deep liquidity pools with low-latency connectivity and tight pricing. Our advanced order routing capability guarantees clients even during the most unpredictable market swings.

We highly and flexibly built liquidity networks to provide customizable pricing to provide superior trading transactions and reduce the cost of execution of each client.

Our liquidity package solutions are designed for institutional & high-volume traders seeking fast, simple & reliable access to institutional FX for indices and commodities at exceptional conditions.

Best For You


Get access to our broad and global network coverage from the world’s largest Forex ecosystem.

We guarantee you that your trades are executed at the top speed!

Our system is physically close to all central trading servers of liquidity suppliers, major exchanges, banks, and other financial institutions, allowing us to minimize your trade requests and get them executed quickly.

Automatic transition of trades to the interbank market

Get access to our broad and global network coverage from the world's largest Forex ecosystem.

Immediate order execution: 30,000 orders per second

Flexible settings for trading conditions (markups, commissions, etc.)

Setting priorities between price and execution

Automatic trade transition to the interbank market

UpTrader model allows brokers to immediately move clients between A-book and B-book without a server reboot.

Fully avoiding a financial collision between the company and the clients.

Advantages of Working with Open Forex Broker

The Open forex broker model is a very basic one, using a clear agency model. We combine liquidity from the top Tier-1 liquidity providers in our community and provide cash flow to brokers.

Therefore, a broker has a range of benefits when signing a deal with us.

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